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      Adjust the rates in the calculator to gauge you dividend potential.   Understand Revenue Dividend Share Percentage
        Example Content Category: Movies  
        You have a 2-hour movie or documentary you wish to distribute  
        U.S.   Annual   80%  
      2018 Goal   Members Territory   Revenue   Div Max.    
        Membership Price $9.99  
        Total Monthly Revenue          
    * Select Range   Dividend Call Rate
        Annual Expenses based on Average Div. Call Rate  
      30%-80%   Monthly Dividend Pool          
        Content Measures       Annual Dividend Potential  
        Average View Time        
    Usage Average
      Hours per day 6.00 (Base determinant for Div. Rate)  
        2 Viewer Screens    
        Hours per month    
        Minutes per month    
        Potential Consumption Minutes     I.e., more paying members means a larger quantity of viewer and repeat-viewing minutes Content Investors will be able to compete for.  
        Based on Membership Level:        
        Dividend Rate per Average Viewing Minute    
        Penbyte (5-second measure)       All views are measured in penbytes  
        Minutes 1     Penbytes measure the time, in 5 second increments, members spend watching your content.  
        Total Seconds      
        Penbytes per minute     If a Member spends at least one penbyte viewing your content, the view is logged.  
    * Determine Penbytes   Average Dividend Rate per Penbyte
        Viewer Seconds     Login to your vendor account to analyze your Penbyte 3Star Plus Views, and to view purchase of your content.  
        Monthly Penbytes   Annual   Annual Penbytes  
    * Adjust Total Viewers   Your Monthly Viewers & Repeat Views     Viewers      
      $ Every time someone watches your content   Total Viewer Minutes (2-hrs / 120 minutes)   Minutes  
        Potential Monthly Dividend      
        Weighted Dividend Structure  
    * Adjust Content Rating   Viewer Rating - Monthly Avg.
      Rating Percentage  
        Rated Dividend     5 4 3 2 1  
            100% 90% 80% 50% 40%  
        Vested & Distribution Monthly Annual  
      100%   Vested - Exclusive Distribution  
    * Adjust Non-Vested %   Non Vested Percentage
      65% -85%   Non Vested - Multiple Distributors  
        Percentage to Content Creation Fund Rating based Non Vested    
        From Rating Percentage & Non Vested Distribution   Content creators with a proven track record for quality productions may solitic for completion 0% interest loans.
      Potential Earnings Over Time  
    * Select Vested or Non   Calculate Dividend Share Over Time
      Annual Avg.   Monthly Avg.  
        Annual Rate Over Time Increase/Decrease %   Viewers & Repeats   Viewers & Repeats  
      Change %   Year 1
      Change %   Year2
      Change %   Year 3
      Change %   Year 4
      Change %   Year 5
      Change %   Year 6
      Change %   Year 7
      Change %   Year 8
      Change %   Year 9
      Change %   Year 10
        Total Earnings Over Time        
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